30 Amazing restaurants in Rotterdam

Choosing a restaurant can sometimes be difficult, after all there are so many options in Rotterdam. But don’t worry – we have compiled a list of the best restaurants in Rotterdam. Whether you are in the mood for Italian, fish, Asian or vegan; they are all there!

30 Amazing restaurants in Rotterdam

1. Héroine

Geïnspireerd door kookstijlen vanuit de hele wereld, serveren ze bij Héroine verschillende gangen-menu's en met begeleidende wijnen, met zorg uitgekozen door hun sommelier. Echt een leuke plek als je goed wilt eten en lang wilt (na)tafelen.
Photo by Sophia van den Hoek @un_fold_ed

Inspired by cooking styles from all over the world, they serve a variety of courses and accompanying wines at Héroine, carefully selected by their sommelier. A wonderful place if you want good food and enjoy good company.


Kipstraat 12, 3011 RT Rotterdam

2. Dumbo

Ook Dumbo laat zien dat vegan eten alles behalve saai hoeft te zijn. In dit super hippe restaurant eet je gerechten zoals mac and cheese, dumplings, saté, noodles, stoofpot... maar dan allemaal zonder enige dierlijke producten! Het interieur is kleurrijk en de cocktails zien eruit zoals ze smaken: heerlijk!

Dumbo shows that vegan food is anything but boring. In this super trendy restaurant they serve dishes such as mac and cheese, dumplings, saté, noodles, stew … but all without any animal products! The interior is colorful and the cocktails look the way they taste: delicious!


Hoogstraat 44a, 3011 PS Rotterdam

3. De Matroos en het Meisje

Eten wat de pot schaft - dat is hoe ze bij De Matroos en het Meisje te werk gaan. Het enige wat jij hoeft te doen is het aantal gangen doorgeven en het moment dat je aanschuift. Dus als je zin hebt in een lekkere verrassing, boek dan een tafel en geniet van hun creaties van duurzame en seizoensgebonden ingrediënten.

At De Matroos and the Girl you get what they serve that day, no need to choose! All you have to do is pass on the number of courses and the moment you wanna have dinner. So if you fancy a nice surprise, book a table and enjoy their creations of sustainable and seasonal ingredients.


Delistraat 52, 3072 ZL Rotterdam

4. Mood

Eigenlijk kennen wij maar weinig mensen die niet van sushi houden. Deze Japanse specialiteit is de laatste jaren enorm in populariteit gegroeid en ondertussen zit onze stad - gelukkig - vol met sushi restaurants. Hieronder delen we een lijst met onze top picks sushi restaurants in Rotterdam. Om er zeker van te zijn dat je de lekkerste sushi in Rotterdam hebt geproefd, is onze tip dan ook om overal een keer langs te gaan ;). Enjoy!

Of course, a good sushi restaurant can’t be missing from this list. Enjoying a delicious mix of sushi, sashimi and tempura, you can have a look into the kitchen where the chefs prepare all the dishes fresh. We are also a big fan of Mood’s interior, which looks very beautiful and trendy and completes the experience of an evening out. Be sure to end the night with one of their delicious cocktails or gin and tonics!

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Address: Otto Reuchlinweg 999, 3072 MD Rotterdam

5. Bazar

The Bazar on Witte de Withstraat is a true household name in Rotterdam and ideal for an evening of eating and chatting with friends, family or a date. Most dishes come from the Middle East and North Africa and you already enjoy a delicious starter around €5 and a main course around €9. Also perfect to share some dishes, such as Irfan’s starter, Sigara Böregi and a large soup.


Witte de Withstraat 16, 3012 BP Rotterdam

6. De Hemel op Aarde

De hemel op aarde? Dat moet een tapas restaurant zijn! Hier ga je heen voor traditionele en moderne Spaanse tapas, Griekse mezzes en andere lekkere dagspecialiteiten. Denk aan empanada's, patatas bravas, gefrituurde jalapeñopepers en serranoham kroketjes. Een heerlijk, knus plekje om te borrelen en te genieten van verschillende tapas gerechtjes.

Heaven on earth? That must be a tapas restaurant! Here you go for traditional and modern Spanish tapas, Greek mezzes and other tasty daily specials. Think of empanadas, patatas bravas, fried jalapeño peppers and serrano ham croquettes. A wonderful, cozy place to have a drink and enjoy various tapas dishes.


Oostzeedijk Beneden 205A, 3061 VT Rotterdam

7. GaleriAAA by Mangiare

GaleriAAA by Mangiare is a restaurant with a very cool concept – it is a collaboration with artist collective AAAFresh123, so you can eat delicious Italian while surrounded by all kinds of artworks. In addition, the studio and the art gallery are connected to each other, so you can easily have a look at the art during your evening. GaleriAAA by Mangiare does not work with a fixed card, so you are always in for a wonderful surprise!


Zaagmolenkade 124, 3035 KD Rotterdam

8. Wes Eettentje

We love Wes! With their home-made dishes, inspired by the flavors of Tel Aviv, you are in the right place as a hummus lover. For example, choose some bread with delicious spreads (hummus!), fries with garlic sauce, falafel balls and a tasty WES croquette. All perfect for sharing. Are you with a large group? Then choose a 2 or 3-course dinner and be surprised by the chef.


Benthuizerstraat 94a, 3035 CR Rotterdam

9. La Salute

This atmospheric Italian family restaurant is well known in Rotterdam, especially in Hillegersberg. According to Sicilian specialties, you eat delicious pastas and pizzas here, while the owner Libero turns every evening into a party with his guests.


Bergse Dorpsstraat 65, 3054 GB Rotterdam

10. Parkheuvel

Rotterdam telt 9 Michelin-sterrenrestaurants. Elk jaar worden de felbegeerde sterren van de Michelin-gids toegekend aan de beste restaurants van Nederland. Een Michelinster krijgen is een enorme prestatie voor een restaurant en bewijst dat het een plek is met buitengewoon eten en geweldige service. Hieronder delen we alle restaurants die momenteel een of meer sterren hebben.

With no less than two stars, Parkheuvel is one of the restaurants in Rotterdam where you really get a unique experience. Led by chef Erik van Loo, it is a wonderful restaurant next to the Maas with not only a beautiful view, but also dishes that you have probably never tasted before.

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Heuvellaan 21, 3016 GL Rotterdam

11. Langoest

Ook visrestaurants mogen natuurlijk niet ontbreken in deze lijst, want die heeft Rotterdam genoeg. Elke dag serveren ze hun kreeft, oesters, octopus, zalm en nog veel meer super vers. Met een prachtig interieur en uitzicht over de Maas, is dit een goede locatie voor een avondje dineren.

Seafood restaurants also definitely can’t be missing from this list, as Rotterdam has plenty of them. Every day they serve their lobster, oysters, octopus, salmon super fresh. With a beautiful interior and a view over the Maas, this is a perfect location for a nice evening dinner.

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Boompjes 667, 3011 XZ Rotterdam

12. Osteria Vicini

Italian food is always a good idea. Pizzas, pastas, antipasti and of course delicious tiramisu. The restaurant has a nice interior and is very spacious. Ideal for eating with large groups!


Kortekade 63A, 3062 GN Rotterdam

13. Walk’in Fish

In the middle of the city center, Walk’in Fish ensures a high-quality experience. They prepare delicious flavor combinations and the dishes look like works of art. Their fish is fresh and they place great value on sustainable and organic products. A must if you like seafood or are looking for a restaurant for a special occasion in Rotterdam!


Schiedamse Vest 14, 3011 BA Rotterdam

14. In de Keuken van Floris

Met een vast 8 of 9-gangenmenu, bereid in de open keuken, geniet je bij In de keuken van Floris van heerlijke voorgeselecteerde gerechten. Voor alle vegetariërs is er naast het ‘normale’ menu, ook een vegetarische versie.

If you like to be surprised, In de Keuken van Floris is a great option. You dine at a fixed time and the (8 or 9-course) dishes are already picked out by the chef. If you’re a vegetarian, you can let them know in advance so they can make sure your dishes are completely free of meat!


Honingerdijk 259, 3063 AM Rotterdam

15. Garde du Nord

In this vegan restaurant you eat in a (stationary) train compartment! It is a 100% vegan bio bistro and the food here is organic, super healthy and also sustainably grown. The train is located in the middle of the city, but you won’t notice it, because the area is very green and quiet!

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Anthoniestraat 2, 3032 CP Rotterdam

16. Gusto

Again a great place for Italian food. At Gusto they try to work with as many organic products as possible and prepare their pizzas with fresh ingredients. On the menu you will find pizzas, pastas, antipasti and many different types of mozzarella! They also have vegetarian options and they have gluten-free bread and pasta.

For even more pizza inspiration we’e written a article with amazing hotspots for pizza in Rotterdam!


Schiedamse Vest 40, 3011 BA Rotterdam

17. Little V

At Little V you can expect traditional Vietnamese food in a super trendy setting. They have it all: street snacks, soups, one-pan dishes, dishes to share and delicious Vietnamese iced teas. The restaurant is very atmospheric and is always quite full. Therefore make sure to book in advance!


Grotekerkplein 109, 3011 GC Rotterdam


UMAMI, ook wel de naam van de vijfde basissmaak naast zoet, zuur, zout en bitter, betekent in het Japans'heerlijke smaak'. De gerechten zijn daarom altijd een verrassing en goed op elkaar afgestemd. Volgens hun social dining principe, kan je hier het eten lekker delen en gaat het echt om de beleving, volledig volgens de Chinese cultuur.

UMAMI – also known as the fifth basic flavor in addition to sweet, sour, salty and bitter – means ‘delicious taste’ in Japanese. The dishes are therefore always a surprise and well matched. According to their social dining principle, you share the food and it is really about the experience, entirely according to Chinese culture.

A great option would also be the Health Pairing, in which the ingredients of the served drinks not only enhance the flavors of the dishes, but also give your health a boost. The chosen tea or mocktails have all kinds of health benefits, entirely in accordance with the health philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A very special experience if you want to become acquainted with Chinese cuisine and enjoy Asian fusion!


Binnenrotte 140, 3011 HC Rotterdam

19. Zeezout

Het interieur bij Zeezout is ook noemenswaardig. Het eerste waar mijn blik op viel was de prachtige vis aan de muur.

At Zeezout, which is considered to be perhaps the best fish restaurant in Rotterdam, you eat local food. They cook with products such as beer from the Cape Brewers, Rotterdam Tomasu soy sauce, yogurt from Luwia, 010 Vodka and Rotterdam mustard. All directly from our own city! The perfect place to celebrate something special with a 3, 4, 5 or 6-course menu (with or without wine pairing).


Westerkade 11, 3016 CL Rotterdam

20. Ter Marsch & Co

There are a lot of burger restaurants in Rotterdam, but at Ter Marsch & Co you don’t just eat a burger … You eat an award winning burger! Served with meat from Scottish Angus Beef, Japanese Wagyu, truffle sauce, pickles, tomatoes, Spanish onions, cheese and their homemade Ter Marsch sauce. A winning combination!


Witte de Withstraat 70, 3012 BS Rotterdam 39

21. Osteria Liz

With a monthly changing menu, guests can choose from eight different dishes such as pizza, pasta, risotto, fish, vegetarian and meat dishes. Also perfect to share together while enjoying a nice glass of wine. You will find Osteria Liz in the Liskwartier and is the ideal place for a cozy date, for example!


Berkelselaan 2A, 3037 PE Rotterdam

22. De Kleine Ondeugd

This Thai restaurant has been hiding in Kralingen for years. The dishes are varied and always a surprise. You can choose from a three or four-course menu with spicy snacks, Thai soup, Thai desserts and other specialties. A cozy restaurant, ideal for lovers of Thai cuisine!


Oostzeedijk 348, 3063 CD Rotterdam

23. FG Food Labs

Rotterdam telt 9 Michelin-sterrenrestaurants. Elk jaar worden de felbegeerde sterren van de Michelin-gids toegekend aan de beste restaurants van Nederland. Een Michelinster krijgen is een enorme prestatie voor een restaurant en bewijst dat het een plek is met buitengewoon eten en geweldige service. Hieronder delen we alle restaurants die momenteel een of meer sterren hebben.

The second Michelin restaurant in this list is FG Food Labs. It’s the restaurant of chef François Geurds, where he experiments with ingredients until perfection is achieved. The nice thing about this restaurant is that they are very flexible with regard to the dress code. Whether you are wearing your sneakers or stilettos, it doesn’t matter. This is purely about food.


Katshoek 41, 3032 AE Rotterdam

24. Ono Japanese Dining

Eigenlijk kennen wij maar weinig mensen die niet van sushi houden. Deze Japanse specialiteit is de laatste jaren enorm in populariteit gegroeid en ondertussen zit onze stad - gelukkig - vol met sushi restaurants. Hieronder delen we een lijst met onze top picks sushi restaurants in Rotterdam. Om er zeker van te zijn dat je de lekkerste sushi in Rotterdam hebt geproefd, is onze tip dan ook om overal een keer langs te gaan ;). Enjoy!

Another nice sushi restaurant that you really should try! While overlooking the Rijnhaven, you are sitting in a sleek and modern restaurant where (sushi) dishes are true works of art. Be sure to check out this review of Ono Japanese Dining in which we tell you more about our experience of this restaurant.


Antoine Platekade 1005, 3072 ME Rotterdam

25. HMB

Misschien ben je al bekend met Rolph's Deli op de Kop van Zuid, waar je heerlijke pancakes en andere ontbijt- en lunchgerechten kan eten. Maar wist je dat eigenaar Rolph ook nog een ander restaurant had? Gevestigd in De Rotterdam vind je HMB, waar zijn hun "signature" gerechten serveren met een prachtig uitzicht op de Maas en de Erasmusbrug.

You may already be familiar with Rolph’s Deli at the Kop van Zuid, where you can eat delicious pancakes and other breakfast and lunch dishes. But did you know that owner Rolph also has another restaurant? Located in De Rotterdam you will find HMB, where they serve their signature dishes with a beautiful view overlooking the Maas and the Erasmus Bridge.


Holland Amerikakade 104, 3072 MC Rotterdam

26. Euskadi

Bij Euskadi serveren ze authentieke ingrediënten uit Baskenland, een Spaanse regio waar liefde voor eten diep geworteld is in hun cultuur. De Baskische koks zijn niet bang om te experimenteren, dus bij Euskadi kun je unieke gerechten van hoge kwaliteit verwachten. Je zult geen beroemde pintxos vinden op het menu van Euskadi, maar heerlijke vlees- en visgerechten gemaakt met speciale ingrediënten uit Baskenland.

At Euskadi they serve authentic ingredients from the Basque Country, a Spanish region where love of food is deeply rooted in their culture. The Basque chefs are not afraid to experiment, so at Euskadi you can expect unique, high-quality dishes. You will not find famous pintxos on the Euskadi menu, but delicious meat and fish dishes made with special ingredients from the Basque Country.


Westewagenstraat 56, 3011 AT Rotterdam

27. Bird

Je kent Bird misschien van alle leuke feestjes die daar elk weekend plaatsvinden, maar Bird is daarnaast ook een restaurant waar je heerlijk kan eten. Onze favoriet is hun houtoven pizza, maar ze serveren ook gerechten uit de Aziatische, Zuid-Amerikaanse, Mediterrane en Arabische keuken.

You may know Bird from all the fun parties that take place there every weekend, but Bird is also a restaurant where you can dine. Our favorite is the wood oven pizza, but they also serve dishes from Asian, South American, Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine. An absolute must is the Tasting Tuesday, in which you can try the chef’s 5-course surprise menu every Tuesday for € 25 (instead of € 33.50).


26/28, Raampoortstraat 24, 3032 AH Rotterdam

28. Rozey

Rozey is also one of our favorites and should certainly not be missing from this list! With their delicious unlimited vegetarian and vegan dishes, you can even have the biggest meat eaters to enjoy their dinner. You eat here for € 32.50 (€ 37.50 during the weekend) all-you-can-eat, including drinks! A truly unique food concept, because Rozey is the first restaurant in the Netherlands where this is possible. The menu is varied and is full of different dishes, all without meat or animal products. Think of vegetarian burgers and fries, but also less well-known dishes such as beet carpaccio, watermelon steak, seaweed bitterballs, pulled jack fruit and Kentucky fried cauliflower.


Wijnhaven 85, 3011 WK Rotterdam

29. KUA Tacobar

For a tasty Mexican bite you have to go to KUA, where they serve authentic and delicious Mexican dishes. Think of tacos, enhiladas, antojitos and … tequila! The interior is also entirely Mexican and therefore a super nice place for an evening with friends or family.

Craving for more Mexican food? Check our article with good Mexican restaurants in Rotterdam!


Hoogstraat 28A, 3011 PP Rotterdam

30. Harbour Club

In het Park naast de Euromast staat een honderd jaar oude villa, met daarin de Harbour Club gevestigd. Een prachtige locatie en een restaurant bekend onder menig Rotterdammer. De Harbour Club heeft een paar "signature dishes", zoals de Zeebaars ceviche en Dry Aged Tomahawk steak. Daarnaast ben je hier als sushi liefhebber ook op het juiste adres, om nog maar te zwijgen over de toetjes...

In Het Park next to the Euromast is a hundred-year-old villa where the Harbour Club is located. A beautiful location and a restaurant known by many people in Rotterdam. The Harbour Club has a few signature dishes, such as the Sea bass ceviche and Dry Aged Tomahawk steak. In addition, as a sushi lover you are at the right place. Not to mention the desserts …


Kievitslaan 25, 3016 CG Rotterdam

A pretty big list, but all great options for an evening dinner! How many of these restaurants in Rotterdam can you check off your list?

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