Cheap LED Lights

You buy cheap, you buy twice

You’ve heard the old saying. It is so true. It has never been more the case, than with LED lights. Poorly designed driver circuits and cheap components will make for a failed unit. You then speak to the “tin pot” company that supplied it to you and they won’t want to know. Then where will you be? Up the creek without a paddle.

Dialight 5 year guarantee

Dialight a UK manufacturer, listed on the London stock exchange “Dia.l” guarantee their lightscheap LED Lights for a minimum of 5 years. This is a no quibble guarantee, if it fails, you get a new one, simple.

Failure Rate

All electronic devices, whether that’s a television, microwave oven, or whatever have a failure rate. With the dialight high bays that’s one in five hundred. That works out at 0.05%. Usually, as with all electronic devices, it’s within the first couple of months of being fitted.

CREE Lights 10 year guarantee

Cree High Bay
CREE not only manufacture LED chips, they also make amazing luminaries which all come with a no quibble ten year warranty. That’s a ten year warranty from a billion dollar US stock exchange company. Not a tin pot company.

How much could you save?

It all depends upon a few factors. How many lights you have, how long they are on for. What wattage they are etc.

How can you find out

Simple, just give us a call and we will be happy to visit your site and tell you.

How it works

We visit site, take lux readings at various points, count your lamps, check the wattage rating. Then we produce a comprehensive detailed payback analysis, all free of charge. We give this FREE service, because once you’ve seen how much you can add to your bottom line, it really is a no brainer to change to LED.

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