LED Warehouse Lights

The problem with old style lights is that the “bulbs” or tubes give out light 360 degrees. Now unless you have a perfect parabolic reflector, that is completely clean, then you cannot get the light where it is needed. In a warehouse, that is down the aisle.

How much could you save?

LED Warehouse Lights
How much could you save by changing to LED? Let’s take a reasonable size warehouse running 24/7 with 100 lights. The usual ratio for aisles / marshalling area is 80/20. That means you will have 80 aisle lights and 20 in the marshalling area.

Presumptions made in the calculation

Your warehouse lights are 400W sone, complete with ballast, they burn 440W of electricity. You pay 10p per KW/h for your electric. The new LED lights are 150W and you use only 6 in each aisle instead of 8.

Lets look at the maths

Aisle lights x 80 = £30,750.72 per year.
Marshalling area x 20 = £7,687.68 per year.
Total= £38,438.40

Cost for LED

Aisle lights x 60 = £7,862.40 per year. (remember you only need 3/4 of the lights in the aisles)
Marshalling area x 20 = £2,620.00 per year
Total= £10,483.00


The savings will therefore be £27,955.20 per annum. That’s £27,955.20 per year straight onto your bottom line. You don’t have to sell one more widget to make this extra profit. You can watch a video to see our M.D. Vince Gledhill proving those figures

Don’t believe that these lights really are that good?

Just take a look at these pictures. The before picture is taken with 11 x standard high metal halide high bays. The second is with only 7 aisle pattern LED high bays. First picture gives 134 lux at floor level in the aisle, and the second is 206 lux in the aisle.
Before the new LED warehouse lightsafter the new LED warehouse lights

Give us a call

Why not contact us to see how much you could save by changing your warehouse lights to LED. It needn’t cost you a penny, you can finance the changes and pay for your new lights out of the savings.

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